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Instant Candidate Resume Capture

Eliminate the need for manual data entry with easy snapshot technology

Qualify Candidates in Real-Time

Manage your stream of candidates instantly for optimal evaluation

Online and Offline Support

Capture and evaluate candidates and save data on or offline

Immediate Data Retrieval

Download our app and and swipe through your candidates in seconds

Campus & Event Mobile Recruiting App

Streamlined Candidate Database

Assess your needs and find your ideal applicants with easy-to-use searching and filtering functions

Collaborative Space

Discuss and support your candidates of choice in an open space that encourages reviews and comments

Resume Extraction Technology

Upload your candidate information with a sophisticated method that turns resumes to accessible data

Event ROI Report

Use our metrics reporting tools to track your ROI with comprehensive and meaningful visuals


Recruiting Dashboard


Fast Track Top Candidates

Follow up with your top choices quickly and customize your offer to their interests

Manage Event Staffing

Standardize your staff’s interactions with accessible forms and questionnaires

Schedule Event Management

Manage your event, documents, staff, and attendees on one streamlined platform

Event ROI Report

Download our app and and swipe through your candidates in seconds

Easy Use with Mobile App

Facilitates on-site attendee management to capture and update leads on-the-go

Google Calendar Integration

Engage with your staff and attendees by easily adding events to your Google account

Event Management


Log Candidate’s Evaluation

Evaluate candidate and save information for further assessment.

Enable Candidate to Self-schedule

Allow candidates to quickly book interview appointments at their own conveniences.

Optimize Interview Management

Easily view, accept and decline interviews on one streamlined platform.

Generate Automated Emails

Generate Automated Emails. Quickly follow-up with candidates and customize messages pre- and post-interviews.

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Invite multiple candidates to schedule interviews with interviewers with just a single click.

Track Candidate History

Keep candidate’s information all in one place and access them whenever and wherever.

Interview Scheduling


Gain visibility into candidate pipeline

See every point of the candidate lifecycle to monitor hiring growth, measure success, and convert prospects to applicants.

Improve team collaboration

Easily share candidates, create notes and tasks, follow-ups and collaborate among the recruiting team and hiring managers.

Access candidate complete profile

View each candidate's complete information, past evaluation, and historical interactions between your company and each candidate.

Automate email communications

Actively engage with candidates through the recruitment journey with mass messaging campaigns and personalized, targeted email campaigns.

Export data to ATS/Excel

Transmit candidate data into ATS or export to Excel for further data analysis.

Categorize candidates

Organize candidates easily into conformal talent pipelines using tags and filters.

Recruiting CRM


Integrate with Event Management and Interview Scheduling

Schedule and automatically send text messages to candidates post-events and post-interviews

Generate Bulk Text Messages

Create templates and send mass messages to multiple candidates

Send 1-1 Text Messages

Send personalized 1-1 text messages to candidates through Rakuna’s web-based platform

Maximize CRM Results

Track your text recruitment data through auto-generated reports to best measure your text recruitment campaigns

Automate SMS Campaign

Actively engage with candidates through mass and targeted messaging campaigns

Optimize Two-Way SMS Chat

Maximize back-and-forth communication with candidates and deliver quick responses to urgent questions

Text Recruiting

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